What is futsal?

Futsal is team sport with speed and intensity. Futsal was adapted from soccer, but practiced in a smaller space with less players including four field players and one goalie. Futsal demand more technical ability and tactical capacity to shake off difficult situations through quick thinking and excellent field vision. Players need to be quick, persistent, strong, agile and creative.

How can Futsal be the difference to develop players for soccer?

1.) Acquire better motor skills through short, short-term decision-making, quick movements and quick

2.) Futsal athletes have to make prudent defensive decisions because after five fouls there is free direct kick

3.) The close proximity of players in result of the small space demands more ability, creativity and strong

4.) Futsal demands a quick change of attitude from an attacking position to a defensive position. Players need to be able to adapt and anticipate game situations with speed.

5.) Futsal demands more strategy due to the great amount of technical and group action with ball in the field of play