Soccer Club

Schneider Philosophy:

Schneider Methodology:

Helps and encourages the athlete to have more autonomy, initiative,creativity,personality and confidence to read and understand the game in a way that can better adapt to the circumstances he/she is exposed to offering what they have best.

Our compromise 

  • Teach everyone

  • Teach sport well to everyone

  • Teach more than sport to everyone

Main objectives:

  • Allow students to develop their technical, tactical ,physical skills through games, which will require students to choose the best foundation, tactics and strategy to solve the problems proposed by the game

  • Develop the intelligence of athletes, through constant reading, perception, decision making , developing their tactical intelligence, allowing them to solve problems that occur in games

  • Athletes learn to play in all positions of soccer which will facilitate students’ understanding, understand the structure of the game in the defensive, offensive and transitional phases and their different behaviors

Schneider Pedagogy 

  • To allow  the students to fulfill his/ her desire to play the game of soccer

  • To express the students desire to play soccer and let him or her be the center of the game . Not the coach, parents, or referees.

  • Let the students express the art of the beautiful game with their own way and creativity